We could offer you:

  • Raw cotton fiber;
  • 100% cotton grey fabrics (from 150 cm to 340 cm width, weights could be from 100 g/m2 to 400 g/m2, fabric structures varying from plain weave, satins, twills, half/full panama etc.);
  • Yarns made from finest cotton (100% cotton carded, combed ring spun yarns (Ne 20s to Ne 40s)) for knitting and weaving;
  • 100% cotton compact yarns (Ne 30s to Ne 50s) for weaving and knitting;
  • 100% cotton open end yarns (Ne 10 to Ne 30) for weaving and knitting (Ne 16 to Ne 40);
  • 100% cotton finished fabrics (bleached, plain dyed, printed). Widths could be offered from 90 cm to 300 cm, weights vary from 50 g/m2 to 350 g/m2.

Downproof fabric